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The colors of the south

The colors of the south

If there is something I can promise you, it is that it will be a text of sensations and that you will leave this post with a little more positivity than you came here with.

After a year from which we are still recovering and a 2021 that does not begin, precisely, in the best way, there is no choice but to flee forward, loving and taking care of ourselves, individually and collectively.
There is no other option than to keep fighting and hope that the end is near. As close as possible, if not asking too much.

Valentine's Day, the day of Andalusia, the place of our roots, and spring are just around the corner and, with them, the New Zerimar Collection comes loaded with color and textures to remember and enamor each and every one of the five senses. Our collections are based on finding inspiration behind every detail, trying to find new perspectives on class, elegance and quality in garments. We want to take the opportunity to stay here, we want to bet on our land and show it off. We want you to know it and fall in love with the essence of it. We want you to listen to this accent, to feel us and find the “I don't know what” that “what do I know” that makes us be from the South ...

We are from the land of feelings, in which their intensity is exposed to its maximum power. This is what we wanted to express in the colors of the entire collection, a burning sun, the blue of the deep sea, the fiery red of passion, flamenco, music and art, and the brown of the earth. In addition, all our garments have a similarity with our land, with Andalusia, that simplicity that makes them easy to love and perfect for all tastes. We want to intensify the colors, break the monotony and give liveliness to the day to day, to the opportunities and to the color of the visual.


And yes, without ceasing to crave for a single day the freedom to see smiles again, to travel, to feel the moments and our people. Because the beers in the sun with tapas will return, the sea and the sensation of touching the sand on the beach, the countryside, art, music will return, good morning smiles and good night kisses will return. All that will return that, without knowing it, makes us a little happier. And we will return, because the sun always comes out again after the storm.

Till the next post!


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