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Special materials like suede, or chamois need a different and more specific treatment.

For this type of more delicate fabric, it is better to avoid rubbing with garments that tend to lose colour, for example a jeans. And it is also advisable to avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, humidity, etc.

However, for example, removing stains in suede can be very simple. And is that the erasers used in schools and offices are ideal to clean this type of leather so present in many clothing and accessories.

So, if you want to take care and pamper this delicate and beautiful material, get an eraser and follow the steps that we detail in this homemade trick.


An eraser (you can use any type of rubber to erase the pencil marks, the most important thing is that it is new and does not have any type of stain)

A very soft brush

Steps to follow:

  1. To use this house trick properly, all you have to do is "erase" the stains that have been installed on your suede clothes and accessories.
  2. To do this, rub the eraser gently on the dirt until it has disappeared.
  3. If you want to obtain excellent results, pass a brush with soft bristles for the garment or accessory that you have cleaned after having erased the marks.
  4. In this way, you can remove stains on suede completely and have impeccable accessories that will look freshly bought.
  5. Do not forget that you can implement this trick of home whenever you want to eliminate the stains of your suede accessories in a simple and economical way that, in addition, do not resort to toxic products.