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Natural leather rugs and Feng shui

Natural leather rugs and Feng shui

In case you are wondering what FENG SHUI is, well, this oriental technique discovered by Chinese emperors, is the method of attracting the positive energy of your home, making you recover your vitality and well-being and putting order and harmony day to day energy.

FENG SHUI needs each of the things listed below in each of your spaces that make up our house:

  • Wood: active, growing energy.
  • Fire: very active energy, interior and exterior.
  • Earth: balanced energy.
  • Metal: concentrated, retentive energy.
  • Water: energy that flows at your own pace.

All the decoration that is part of your house is cataloged under one of these elements and is done either by its color, its geometric shape, its material or its meaning (whatever that object represents).

To help you understand better, here are some examples:

  • A wooden table or plants will be the wooden element.
  • A candle or a red cushion will refer to the fire element.
  • A painting representing a mountainous landscape or a brown carpet can be the earth element.
  • A metal photo frame or lamp can represent the metal element.
  • A source of water or blue curtains will evoke the element of water.

The FENG SHUI of a house, all the spaces and objects are important for our balance and stability.
We are going to focus on a detail that can change everything: rugs.

In general, the rugs are cozy and provide tranquility and stability in the space in which they are placed, so that same effect will be reflected in the people who live in the place. In addition, they help us delimit areas within the same room.

Carpets yes or no. What side are you on?

Opinions on the use of carpets in spaces is 50/50, when asked by customers. Either you like them or you hate them. It is scientifically proven that putting bare feet on one is one of the small pleasures of life, although, sometimes, its maintenance becomes a little complicated: children, animals, allergies...

According to the FENG SHUI philosophy, rugs brings us balance and support. Therefore, you have to one rug in your life if you are stressed (a physical or emotional tension caused by a situation or thought that makes us feel nervous, angry or frustrated). It seems silly, but in the long run, being stressed all the time can lead to health issues.


The material

FENG SHUI always tries to locate you in nature and surround yourself with objects that remind you of it. Therefore, the material in which the carpet is made is the first golden rule. Bet on the natural and you will approach good FENG SHUI with harmony in your home.

The color

In each room we must achieve a color balance between all objects.
For example, if a room already has many colours, it is best to choose a carpet in soft or neutral tones. Light colours like beige or sand can be a good choice.
But if a room is very white or grey, we could play with a carpet with bright tones or patterns to bring warmth and joy, so we can achieve a right balance.

The shape

For the shape, the essential thing is to take into account the place where you want to locate it and what element of the 5 you need in that area.

For example, if you want to add a metal element to that room, the best option will be a round rug. If you want to add an earth element, square rug. If the space is elongated, you are looking to add wood.

For the water and fire elements, I recommend focusing on color, rather than shape.
Be careful with the space and choose a carpet proportional to the size of the room.

In a space that combines living room and dining room, place a carpet under the table (this will clearly mark that this is the dining area within the living room and will make it more cozy).

And, to finish, one last tip! Put a carpet or doormat at the entrance of your house as it will make all the energy of the street/outside energy, stay outside of your home! In addition to cleaning your shoes. We hope these little tips and pointers will lead you to having a better home!

Till the next post!


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