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New adventure in Zerimar

New adventure in Zerimar

And this is not an whatever adventure. It's a natter among friends of those in whom you would like to stay until the world is fixed. Of those of terraces to the sun and a beer. From those of help me I do not know what to wear today. Of those of looking for improvised plans, of making you gifts and of the loving cares that you deserve to be on the other side of this screen.

It's a conversation between you and me. Moved and inspired by a tremendous desire that you know everything I have to teach you. But do not teach at the teacher-student level. No no. Teach you to look. Let's see how beautiful are the things we love, with which we go far and those that lead us to feel something special. In short, those things that make us good to body and soul.

This is, thus, our main objective: to offer you a reading that will do you good, to help you grow as a person but at the same time to show you all the beauty of life and this company. All that passion that people from outside do not see but that is placed on every task, however small, of our entire team.

And all of this was born in 1942, with its foundation and with a heart that ventured into what he believed to give the world the passion of something you really like. To convey quality and love in each product, in each dressmaking and in each person.

And with all that passion also put into each text, every week I will be here to tell you about fashion, about things that make you feel good, about the wonders that we have close to you and that you have not yet met, about gifts and a thousand other novelties. In short, what I was saying, wonderful talks to make your days and your visit to this website a little better.

I am already preparing myself for the next adventure, so thanks for reading and welcome.



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