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Are you a restless person?

Are you a restless person?
If you are restless, always moving be back and forth or if your thing is to be an ace at any sport then we have something for you! Which category do you fit in?
If long walks with good views or landscapes taken from fairy tales are your thing, don't miss out on your best companions and walk your summer routes as if you were walking through clouds.
We recommend our sandals because they have a non-slip gel insole, cushioning in the sole and the straps are lined with
soft and durable multi-expandex.
There are also in several colors, so you can take them to match your accessories.
See in more colors
See in more colors
Do you have that connection with the water or are you relaxed by the rocking and sound of the waves?
If you are one of those who enjoys taking a walk on the beach or navigating the waters, we also have something for you.
We have been marketing the nautical shoe par excellence for more than 70 years, our leather moccasins.
With non-slip sole and in many different models.
We even have Plus sizes.
In addition to not having a closure, they adjust to the foot with each use.
Have you seen all the models yet?
See in more colors
See in more colors
Now I understand ... You are more about feeling the curves, the adrenaline and the speed, right?
Well, there is also for you!
With our brand KENROD , we have the complete set. From helmets, gloves, saddlebags, to jackets, pants or boots.
In addition, our products are made of leather and have protections that make them resistant and adaptable to all types of trips.
On the motorcycle, the most important thing for us is comfort and safety.
Golf is a sport for all ages and it does not matter if you play alone, as a couple or with the family.
One of its great advantages is the health benefit it entails.
It is practiced in the middle of nature, while enjoying a pleasant walk and exercise in the open air.
In addition to being comfortable, it frees body and mind and reduces accumulated stress and tension.
Does it seem little?
Well, look what we have for you golfers!
Go on this adventure with us!
That feeling when taking off, visiting new destinations, seeing monuments and trying the local food of each place.
These are experiences that must be lived to understand them!
And, since we love to travel as much as you do, we know that the worst part is packing your suitcase and having to carry your luggage.
Are you making it full of "just in case" and leaving it for the last minute?
Look how much space ours have!
See in more colors
See in more colors

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