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Scooter 3 Wheels with Music, Children's Scooter, 3 Wheels Scooter



• THEY CAN’T STOP USING IT: Our children’s scooter PLAY MUSIC and in the back and come with fun STEAM COLOR LIGHTS.
• EASY TO USE: To turn on and off, just press the PLATFORM RIGHT button. You can ADJUST to different HEIGHTS by simply pressing a button. The handlebar moves to the left and right to perform the turns better to have more control over it.
• CONTROL PANEL: It has 2 buttons to control the ON and the OFF on the LED LIGHTS and the WATER STEAM LIGHTS, also to control the volume.
• BATTERY EASILY TO RECHARGE. Insert the USB into the scooter and use the plug of the cell phone charger to charge the power. Non electric scooter: the scooter works with the push of the child's foot.
• VERY SAFE: It has 2 LOCK systems. One so that the handlebar cannot be lowered and another so that the child cannot fold it without the supervision of an ADULT. Guaranteeing in this way the correct handling of the scooter and the SAFETY of the child.

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